Cervical Pillow Universal

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For cervical stiffness, spondylosis and postural stress and strain. Soft and cushiony while keeping the neck in extension while sleeping giving rest to the spine in both side sleeping and back sleeping.

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Flamingo Cervical Pillow is a kind of pillow, which is specifically designed to correct the body positioning in bed or while lying on any other surface. The design of the Flamingo Cervical Pillow conforms to orthopaedic guidelines, which makes sure the right placement and support of body’s one or more specific parts. Usage of Cervical Pillow provides safe and healthy rest to the user as well as effective support to the neck area. Cervical Pillow helps in providing proper muscle relaxation to the user.

Flamingo Cervical Pillow helps to provide relief from various problems or conditions. Cervical Pillow is designed to keep the neck in the correct position and reduce the stress and strain. It is very effective in treating the cervical problem on a steady basis. The soft and cushiony feel of this pillow makes it comfortable for the people to sleep on it. Besides, its good aesthetics and durable standards are some of its highlighting features.

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