A complete guide to wellness

Wellness”, it’s much easier to say but harder to maintain. When you think of overall well-being, traditionally think of your physical well-being. And for good reason — if you’re suffering physically, it’s harder to focus on anything else. But the road of wellness is not so long as we think. We can be healthy by following the spells are given below-

  • Think FITT to gain fit
  • Take balance diet
  • Ensure psychological well being
  • Follow some rules in our ADL

Let’s know how they help us-

Think FITT to gain fit: Physical inactivity is now epidemic which leads us to different fatal diseases like cancer, heart disease,  osteoporosis, stroke and psychological deterioration also. As set forth in the Healthy People 2010 guidelines, U.S .Department of health and human services create FITT programme to ensure physical fitness.

guid to wellness

So the Principle is-

Frequency: It stands for how many times an individual engages in physical activity, generally number of days in a week. According to U.S. Department of health and human service, the recommended amount of exercise is-

  • 5 days in a week for moderate activity
  • 3 days in a week for vigorous activity

Intensity: It refers to the level of exertion during the activity to reach the targeted heart level. It generally measures by 10 point scale-

  • 10 is  maximum
  • 5-6 is moderate
  • 7-8 is vigorous intensity rate.

Timing: Duration of workout. Recommended time is generally 30 minutes.

Types: Select the type of activity to achieve health goal like cardiac, aerobic, balance, strength training etc.

Benefits of FITT programme-

  • Reduce musculoskeletal diseases by improving bone ,muscle
  • Lessen chances of cardiac disease by improving lipid profile or CV risk factors
  • Minimize the systemic or  hormonal disease like Diabetes by improving insulin sensivity
  • Decreases the risk of falling by improving core stability and brain function
  • Prevent age related declines
  •  Promote psychological factors

Take Balanced diet: There is a proverb ‘Healthy eating is about more than just food’. Because good nutrition can improve immunity, maintain body weight, prevent different disease like heart disease, musculoskeletal disease, systemic disease for example diabetes mellitus, even some types of cancer can be prevented by proper food habit.so it is important to make a diet plan according to age, BMI, physical activity.

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So the importance of balanced diet-

  1. Maintain Body weight
  2. Boost immunity
  3. Reduce cardiac disease
  4. Improve bone ,muscle component
  5. Minimize the chances of systemic disease
  6. Improve brain function thus prevent brain disease like Alzheimer’s disease

Ensure Psychological Wellbeing: According to WHO definition of health wellness is not only related to physical wellbeing but also psychological wellbeing. Recently researcher found that psychological health or happiness has so much impact on our physical health, our activity,   social interaction.


Benefits of psychological wellbeing is given below-

  • Lower incidence of cardiac diseases like stroke
  • Reduce sleeping difficulties
  • Lower level of stress hormone(cortisol)
  • Minimize physical symptoms and pain
  • Increase altruistic  and pro social behavior

Follow some rule in our ADL: ADL means activities of daily living .In our daily activities; we have to follow some rule other ways it hampers our health and lead us to different disease. Let’s see how we can be by modification our lifestyle-

  1. Maintain proper posture in our day to day activities
  2. Avoid prolonged posture
  3. Do some work out like stretching, cardiac exercise, mild strengthening exercise etc.
  4. Take balanced diet according to BMI and physical activity ,avoid smoking, alcohol, junk food
  5. Ensure 6-8 hours sleeping time
  6. Take enough water

It will help us –

  • To prevent musculoskeletal problem
  • In maintaining body weight
  • In Improving cardiorespiratory health
  • In enhancing immunity of body
  • In decreasing work related hazard
  • Ensure agile life

Sometimes lack of awareness, knowledge or unwanted situation lead us to face different trauma, accident or sickness.so if we really feel something is wrong, don’t ignore it.

Consult with health professional for recovery….


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